Thursday, August 5, 2010


So I had my third follie check of this cycle today. I have 5 follicles all similar sizes so my doctor is monitoring me really closely. There are 3 that are slightly bigger and she is trying to get them to the right size so we can trigger. If the 2 smaller ones catch up I am screwed since she will cancel the IUI if I have more than 5. I will be devastated if we have to cancel at this point.

Anyway, I had to leave in the middle of my shift to go to this appointment. Thank god my boss is so nice and understanding. I work on a small unit and everybody knows what is going on with me and are very supportive except for this one nurse. I get back from my u/s and of course everyone wants to know how it went. So I told them basically what I just wrote in the above paragraph and I was all sad and the one nurse goes " yeah I know, we tried for 9 months to get pregnant and then we stopped trying because I didn't want to have a baby in December and of course we got pregnant"

A. What does that have to do with anything I just said and B. Can you be a little bit more insensitive??? This is coming from a 22 year old no less! Ugh!

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  1. Comment like that make me want to hit something. UGH.

    I hope your three grow quickly so you can trigger!!!