Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update and a recipe

I had my first monitoring appointment yesterday. I had 5 dominant follies, 2 9mm, 2 8mm and a 7.5mm. My doctor seemed pleased and she lowered my dose. Hopefully when I go back on Tuesday for my next appointment 2 of the smaller ones have stopped growing. My doctor won't proceed with the IUI if I have more than 3. Not that I would want to, as a former NICU nurse, the idea of multiples scares me. The shots are going well, I am a pro now. I can't believe how nervous I was the first time!

I made some cupcakes today, part of a fundraiser to help B out. He is doing a bike race and all the money he raises goes to the local cancer hospital.

They are ridiculous, so yummy!!

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