Monday, August 2, 2010

Letter to my husband

Sorry I had an attitude with you this morning.
Sorry I did not notice that you left your work pants in the car yesterday when I was doing three loads of laundry and you don't have clean pants this morning.
Sorry I didn't water the plants yesterday in between laundry, grocery shopping and making 2 dozen cupcakes for you
Sorry I do not want to water them this morning before I have to go to work for 12 hours
Sorry I assumed you had watered said plants when you were outside mowing the lawn yesterday.

In between working full time, taking care of the house, rearranging my schedule to go the doctor at least once a week, and giving myself daily injections, I will try harder to be nicer to you.


  1. Oh wow! This sounds like what happened in my house last night. They just don't get what we are putting our bodies through sometimes. I did have an attitude but a well deserved one!!

  2. Oooh...ouch. Those days (weeks/months) suck. Go for a nice, long walk after work tonight (or curl up on the couch with a good book or whatever sounds good to you!) and just take a night off. Let him eat PB&J and wash his own work pants this evening.

  3. Thanks ladies. After 12 hours at work, I came home to dinner cooked for me and all is good again...until my next hormonal rage!

  4. Ouch, I love the sarcasm! I'm glad things turned out ok. : )
    Best of luck with your injections and such.