Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Retrieval is done

I was more nervous going in this time than last time. All day yesterday I just had this pit in my stomach. I think it's because I feel as though there is more riding on this outcome. Even though it was such a roller coaster last time leading up to the ER, I still had high hopes of it working. After that chemical pregnancy and my recent FSH I am not feeling as positive. I know I have my age going for me as far as quality is concerned but I can't forget that I had a chemical pregnancy with a perfect blast last time. I also know this is my last chance with my eggs and sometimes that is hard to think about...but that's a while different post for another day.

We got to the RE's at 7am and it was uneventful. They did retrieve 11 eggs but i think that is a bit deceiving, based on my E2 and the size of my follies the day of trigger, I am guessing only 5, maybe 6 will be mature. I'm ok with that though, it's what we had last time. Hopefully we have an awesome fert rate again. Last time 5 out of 6 fertilized and we were able to do a 5dt.

B stayed home with me this morning until I fell into a Vicodin coma and then went in to work. I am catching up on some DVR programs and relaxing. Still debating on going to work tomorrow. Last year I went and took it easy and I survived. This year I swore I was not going in but now I feel bad for my staff since I am in charge. I know they will be ok with out me and there is a contingency plan in place already if I don't show so I am just going to see how I feel later.


  1. Praying for a great fert rate!

    My vote is to stay home and take another day to rest and relax. In the future, you'll never look back at that random Wednesday and wish you'd have been at work that day...but you might wish you'd have stayed home.

  2. Glad you are resting and hoping the fert report is awesome! I vote for taking it easy unless you would rather take more time after the transfer.

    1. I am glad to hear things went well! I say stay home and take it easy! Stopping by from ICLW!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Mazel tov on the retrieval. Good luck! I'll be waiting to hear about the transfer!

  4. Nice! I am hopeful that most of those eggs will be mature & that you have a terrific fert report! Enjoy the vicoden.