Sunday, December 26, 2010

All I Want(ed) for Christmas...

There were 2 things I really wanted for Christmas this year. The first was a fun filled trip to NYC to spend Christmas with my family. I wanted to see the tree, eat pizza and bagels, and see my old friends. What I got instead was 3 days with the family, 1 slice of pizza and 1 bagel before a blizzard forced us to change our travel plans and leave early. I did not get to see any of my friends, 2 of my cousins, no trip to Manhattan and I definitely could have used a couple of more slices of pizza. You just can't good pizza outside of NYC!

The second thing I wanted was a BFP. Instead I got a BFN. So now I will call my doctor this week and set up an IVF consult. I am thinking late Feb/early March since we have a trip planned to Florida to visit family in February and I don't want to cancel that. I need a break too. I am tired, drained and I just want to spend a couple of months not taking pills, suppositories or injections and to drink lots and lots of wine.


  1. Sorry to hear your Christmas didn't turn out the way you hoped...that sucks! I had a visit from AF right on Christmas day 2 years I can relate. I REALLY wanted that Christmas miracle two. I can't believe 2 more Christmas' have passed and I am still not pregnant. Here's to hoping 2011 will be OUR year! ICLW #13.

  2. I am sorry to hear that Christmas didn't turn out the way you wanted

    before our first IVF DH and I took off to Cuba for a week, a week of lying on a beach and enjoying ourselves really helped get us in the mind frame for IVF

    May 2011 bring you happiness and joy!!
    Happy ICLW

  3. So sorry your Christmas didn't go according to plan. I'd be cranky if I didn't get much-wanted pizza as well. And of course it goes without saying that the BFN is a real crapper. I hope you can enjoy this little break from TTC (yay - bring on the grog!) and wish you the best of luck starting IVF in a few months.