Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome ICLW'ers!

Welcome to my blog! For those of you who are visiting for the first time, you can read detailed cycle info over there ---------------------->

A little about me....I am 31 and married to the most wonderful guy, B. We got married in July 08 and New Years of that year I threw away my BCP and we started TTC. My cycles were long and I was sure I wasn't ovulating but my ob/gyn kept telling me to be patient and that was normal after the pill. Finally in October I started on Clomid and by March of this year, I was seeing an RE. Since working with her, I have had 5 IUI's and no BFP. I also don't really have a diagnosis. I don't ovulate on my own but no one can tell me why. My FSH is borderline at 10.1.

Right now I am 11 days in to my 2 week wait, I can take a HPT on Christmas day. I am waiting until Monday though because I don't want my holiday ruined by a BFN. This was my fifth and final IUI, if this one doesn't work, we are moving on to IVF, probably in February or March. I have some mixed feelings about that. I am ready to move on, at this point I don't think IUI's are going to work for us. It does bother me though that I don't know why I don't ovulate. I keep thinking that maybe the reason I am not not ovulating is the reason I am not getting pregnant. There is a doctor in my area, and ob/gyn, with a special interest in fertility. He is Catholic and doesn't believe in ART so he works really hard to figure out what is causing your problem. I do have a consultation with him in January to see what he says.

So that's me in a nutshell. Thanks for visiting and I hope you stick around!


  1. Hi! Here from ICLW...I am also annovulatory, I have PCOS but not many symptoms of it at all. That was the reason I had been misdiagnosed for so long. I hope you get that BFP on Christmas...and if not I hope which ever route you choose you get that BFP in the new year!

    ICLW #86

  2. Hello
    Dropping by for Dec. ICLW week. Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way, for a special gift this holiday season.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.
    The C's
    ICLW #78

  3. Happy ICLW! I am currently 7 days into my 2ww...and it's just torture. We were told that we could test 12 days after the IUI, but we're waiting until Christmas is good and over before that.

    I hope you get a BFP for Christmas!

  4. here from iclw and just wanted to say I understand how frustrating "unexplained if" is. It took doctors months to finally diagnose me with pcos. Praying for your bfp!!!
    - iclw #91

  5. you are in a very similiar situation to me. im on my 3rd and final iui. do my blood test on the 24th. So we are only 1 day apart!!! also if this fails for me, we will also be moving onto ivf. Something I never thought il'd need. but im also thinking that this iui hasn't worked. Im really glad for a break over xmas, im feeling ok about starting ivf, but so expensive and that really makes it a big strain. its a shame money dictates everything, but it really does. Anyhow,I will watch out for your result. good luck.

  6. Here from ICLW, and wishing you the best on this cycle. I was another one with unexplained infertility, and it is an incredibly frustrating diagnosis. Good luck!

  7. Hello from ICLW! I really hope the new doc may be able to figure something out. I normally wouldn't be thrilled about going to a doc that doesn't believe in ART, but if he works extra hard to find a diagnosis, well that might be interesting.

    Hope you get a wonderful after-Christmas present!

  8. Here from ICLW. IF you already have not been checked out, I recommend the following tests
    the PCOS panel:

    Day 3 FSH/LH/E2
    Testosterone, DHEAS
    ultrasound of ovaries to look at AFC

    If you do have some weird presentation of PCOS, metformin might help you out!

    Best of luck!

  9. Hi there from ICLW!
    Good idea to wait until after Christmas to test, we have just done our first IVF cycle(had to freeze all though)but it has sure played with my emotions being around this time of year,Best of luck with your test, so hoping for a BFP for you!
    Ants xx
    #97 :)

  10. I'm a huge believer in alternative medicines and I think it's always smart to consult someone outside the traditional medical profession to see if they can help, even if it's only alongside other treatments.

    I really hope you don't need the appointment though. best of luck with the rest of the tww

  11. Here from ICLW! Good luck with 2ww!! After Christmas is good, that way it's less pressure.

  12. You sure have some awesome restraint! I don't know if I could wait it out despite the fear of disappointment. Here's to hoping 5th time was a charm and you won't have to move onto IVF. Are you a nurse? I am going to school to be a nurse midwife and often wonder how I will cope if I'm never able to give birth to my own babies. Sending lots of love and more hope! ICLW #110

  13. I hope you don't have to do IVF. It's expensive and a complete mind f*ck. That said, some people get babies from doing IVF, so it must be worth it!

    ~Jem (ICLW#5)

  14. Hoping and praying you get a BFP next Monday. Wouldn't that be a fabulous way to finish the year?

    ICLW #29

  15. Here from ICLW. I too am UI. Its so frustrating to not be able to figure it out. But then I recently found out I have an autoimmune thyroid problem that isn't showing up in my TSH levels yet. Don't know if that will end up fixing the problem, but its worth a try. Hopefully the new doc in January will have some answers for you.

    Happy Holidays!

  16. Hello from ICLW! I'm thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way. I have relativelyu unexplained anovulation. My doc told me I need to gain weight and see what happens, but I just don't think that is the root cause. I see Clomid in my near future. Hoping the holidays keep you busy over the wait!!


  17. Hi, stopping by for ICLW. I really hope that you get a BFP on Monday!!! A Christmas miracle! Best wishes for you. I also hope you get answers. Hope you had a great Christmas! ICLW #69

  18. Thanks for the comment! You know, it seems as though you and I have an enormous amount of stuff in common during this TTC journey. I got married June 2008, we don't know why I don't ovulate, I'm about to do my third injectable/IUI cycle, and we both got screwed by the snowstorm! <3 ICLW #96