Sunday, October 3, 2010

I hate my ovaries

I went back to the doctor Friday and things had somewhat improved. I had 8 measurable follies this time ranging from 6mm-9mm. I started estrace for my lining. *TMI ALERT* but between the estrace, the dildo cam and the progesterone supps, I think I have more foreign objects in my vagina than penis!

I go back tomorrow for another check. I am still not feeling good about this though. 8 is obviously too many so if they all continue to progress we will have to cancel. I am still worried that if does work out, my IUI's are going to ruin B's fishing trip next weekend. Ugh, why do my ovaries have to bee so difficult? Just once I would like for things to go smoothly.

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  1. Found you through Josey's site, I had hypothalamic amenorrhea so wasn't ovulating, and she had you listed as 'anovulatory' so I figured I'd check you out ;) ANYWAY, I've often had lots of follicles in the under 10 range during my injectible cycles (back in '05), but only had 1-2 take the lead. I hope that happens with you too!