Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fert Report Day 3

Another day of good news! 4 8 celled embryos and 1 7 celled embryo still growing like weeds. The embryologist said they all look like they are good quality so we are set for our 5dt on Friday. I just can't believe it, I am not used to getting this much good news. We have hit so many bumps in the road during this whole IF journey, I am hoping it's smooth sailing from here on out.

Side Note: B did my PIO last night, it went in great, but he was shaking so much while he was pushing the injection in I felt bad for him and it made it hurt more. He even had a beer before he did it to calm his nerves. Then he pulled it out and I was bleeding like a stuck pig. Poor B, he felt so bad but I thought it was kind of funny. I am doing my own shot tonight. :-)

And I had a little bit of brown spotting today. It really freaked me out. My IVF nurse said it was normal, probably left over from the ER. Has anyone else had that happen?


  1. LOL, poor B. Definitely sounds like you're better off giving yourself the shot. :)

  2. I'm so happy for all of this good news and your overachieving embryos- yay! Def sounds like you need to resume the shot duties.

  3. Cheers to all the good news! It is strange to get so used to expecting bad news that when we finally get good news it is surprising.

    My RE warned me about bleeding after the ER. They had to put in a stitch to close up the needle entry point, and I can only imagine that healing those kinds of wounds would result in some ongoing bleeding.

    I am starting to get excited about Friday! ohhh lalala

  4. Nice! You are almost at the end, then the fun really begins!

  5. I bled for quite a few days after the ER. Very normal apparentely.

  6. I've hear some spotting is pretty normal, but wow, such great news about those embabies! Grow little ones, grow!