Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere

New Year's Eve 2009, my friend T and I decided to quit the pill and get pregnant together. It was going to be so fun, having a pregnancy buddy. I never took another pill after that night. T chickened out though and didn't stop hers until May. I kept telling her to hurry up and quit so she wouldn't be too far behind me. She delivered a baby girl on Sunday.

I was in a similar situation with R, a girl I work with. She knew I had been trying and though it would be so fun if we were pregnant together. Today was her last day at work before her scheduled C-section.

Then there is me...no pregnancy, no baby, just a large cyst that won't seem to go away. And my husband wonders why I am in a bad mood all the time. He asked me this weekend when I was going to go back to my normal happy self and I told him "when I get pregnant" He wasn't to happy with that answer. He tries to be supportive but he just doesn't get it. I do need to make more of an effort to snap out of this funk and be grateful for what I do have. Easier said than done though.

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  1. I found your site on LFCA. Absolutely LOVE the title. Seriously, I couldn't have said it better myself!!! I think that I might actually HATE the word HOPE. and yet everyone around me seems to throw it around all willy nilly like. They don't know sh*t about h*pe.

    This story sounds so familiar. I'd ALWAYS pictured being pregnant with my bestie. I secretly started trying a year ahead of her, kind of wanting to be a little step ahead. Then she stopped her bc and wham bamm, pregnant she was. We got our awful if diagnosis when she was 20 weeks along. Her little girl (now 10 months) is adorable and I love her to pieces, but it sure sucks to see her growing and knowing that I was supposed to be there too.

    The part that feel like shooting arrows thru my heart is when bestie talks about trying for number 2. I told her should couldn't start trying until I am pregnant....