Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So my parents and my sister came to visit me this weekend for my birthday. Overall it was a great weekend, lots of yummy food and good quality family time. Other than a small tantrum I threw at the grocery store with my mom over which brand of cream cheese to buy it was a good visit.

This morning when I woke up, I had another visitor. Aunt Flo. She was not invited so I am not sure why she decided to show up, completely unannounced. I had a feeling she might show up last night but it still hurt to see her this morning. Not a good visit. I am sure she will stick around for 3-4 days and once she leaves, I hope I don't see again for about 9 months.


  1. hi - sorry to hear that AF showed up uninvited last week. :-( Welcome to the blogging world!! Hope you find as much comfort here as I have from our fellow infertiles. (from LFCA)

  2. Here from LFCA, welcome to the blogoshpere!

    Sorry about AF. I hate her. I look forward to reading good news soon!

  3. Thanks guys, very new to the blogging world, still trying to figure things out!