Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Post

I turn 31 in 2 days and can barely get my body to ovulate let alone get pregnant. It's rather depressing. I don't know if it is all the hormones or the depression but I am turning into a rather cranky bitch. I thought starting a blog would be a good outlet for my frustrations dealing with the ups and downs of infertility. A little background info - December 31 2008, stopped my birth control in hopes of a 2009 pregnancy. I wasn't really that concerned, I always had normal periods (before 10 years on the pill), I thought I would have no trouble getting knocked up. The first few months off the pill I had really irregular periods but still wasn't concerned, it can take several months off the pill to get things back to normal, or so my doctor told me. Fast forward 6 months and the time between my periods is getting longer and longer instead of shorter and shorter. I tried the whole BBT and OPK thing but it doesn't really work if you are not ovulating!! I started Clomid 50mg in October of 2009 with my, didn't work. Round 2 100mg = BFN, Round 3 150mg = BFN. Went to see RE # 1, he told me I had PCOS (based on an ultrasound, not labwork) and told me to come back if I didn't get pregnant after 3 ovulatory cycles on clomid. Obviously he was a quack. Round 4 150mg - No "O", met with RE 2, after all the usual testing, the verdict is in, no PCOS, but unexplained infertilty with a boderline high FSH. Good times. Round 5 of Clomid with RE = No "O". On to Femara 5 mg, same story. Decided to try one more round of Femara at 7.5mg before I started shelling out the major bucks for injections. I made my husband come to my U/S appointment with me so after my RE told me I had no follies, he could learn how to inject my ass. Suprise! One gynormous follie!! Triggered and had an IUI. Currently in the 2ww.

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