Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Update

There is nothing to exciting going on in my world so not much to talk about.

In IF news...Thursday I had my mandatory IVF class which I thought was interesting but nothing I didn't already know. The embryologist talked in depth about the IVF process for 1.5 hours, it definitely could have been condensed in to 45 minutes. I have my saline ultrasound and mock transfer scheduled for Friday and that will be my last appointment until my suppression check March 1.

Sort of IF related...I bought a Groupon last week for laser hair removal. It was $100 for 4 treatments, I couldn't pass it up. I had my first session on Thursday. I figured I have enough people poking around my vagina, I should have my bikini done. No more worrying about shaving for my appointments! It actually wasn't that bad, but I have been getting bikini waxes almost every month for the last 10 years so I think I am very tolerant to pain in that area.

Not IF related at all...I am throwing in party for all my work friends on Saturday and I am excited. It's partially an excuse to try out some yummy new recipes I have been dying to make and partially because we have been so busy lately we needed a fun outside of work activity. I will post some of the recipes after the party if they turn out as good as they look!


  1. I am also signed up for Groupon and they seem to have great deals! I just need to start buying them! Good for you for being brave to have a work recipes are fun to try out! :)

  2. Good luck with the mock transfer... the full bladder was the part I dreaded most! I bought a bikini wax kit but that's as far as I got... always on display with IF:[ Have fun with the party planning!

  3. You go girl with the hair removal! Now I'm feeling self-conscious--looking good down there never really crossed my mind during treatments. Taking pride and feeling good can't be a bad thing though!!

  4. (Hopped over from ICLW)

    I gave up on both Living Social and Groupon. I watched the deals diligently for a couple of months and nothing ever came into my inbox that was something I would have bought anyway. A lot of the restaurants were far enough away that the gas I'd have to use would make the savings moot. :(

  5. Ohh Laser Hair Removal! I paid a lot more than $200 to have my full legs, bikini, and armpits done a few years ago. I was expecting that I'd never have to shave again, but alas that was a pipe dream. It definitely helped reduce the amount of hair, and eliminated a lot of the thicker hairs. I went from needing shave again a few hours after my first shave to being able to get by wearing shorts a few days after a shave. I feel silly saying this, but I do miss my underarm hair!

    We just did our meds/injections class and it also felt like the woman talked forever. Good Luck this month!!