Friday, April 6, 2012

Where I wish I was...

This is sunset at Isle of Palms, SC. This is where I wish I was right now.

Where I am is:
I feel like I start every recent blog post apologizing for being a bad blogger. I am going to stop doing that and just accept that this is all I can give right now. I promise I am reading and silently cheering people along or sympathizing with them I just haven't been very good about verbalizing it.

Things are slowly moving along for me. My sister is coming out here in 2 weeks, we have our psych eval, which I was horrified to find out would take 3 hours and is so expensive. Although really what is another $800 at this point? She will also have her first appointment/exam with my RE also. I found an RE right by her office so it will be easy for her to go to her monitoring appointment when (and if) we cycle.

I finally got my period, while I was on vacation of course, so now I am on the pill to keep me regular until we start our donor cycle. Vacation was amazing, much needed, although all the stress free, relaxing feelings disappeared as soon as we stepped off the plane and back to reality. I start acupuncture back this week so I am hoping that will help me chill out a little.

We have a fun weekend ahead. B's birthday is Sunday so we are having some family over for Easter/B-Day Party. Tomorrow night we will go out with his bro and SIL. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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